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Save the World, Kill the Monster !

Another series of SEED. In my opinion SEED 3 still the best RPG game in the playstore. With excellent graphic and easy gameplay you could say that this game will take your free time and maybe you’ll get addicted by playing this game. Without doubt I will recommend this game for you, especially for RPG maniac.

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Playing as the MC, as usual, RPG game offer many various jobs. So, you could pick one of its. You could pick barbarian, archer, mage, etc. Pick whatever you want because every job have different skills. Every skills will be stronger if you allocate your SP or skill point to your choosen skill. 1 SP will be awarded to you for every 1 level up.

Still same as the other RPG games, there are lots of item and equipments in this game which could be dropped either by fighting monsters and bosses or by buying it in th in-game shop. Different rarity type affect your attack power or your magic attack power. What differ this game from other RPG game is the attribute points system. Some RPG game don’t have this system. So, what is attribute points system ? With this system you could make your character stronger because basically this is one of the way to increase your HP, attack point, magic point, etc.

What make this game special ? The storyline is very different with other RPG games, it is anti mainstream. I’m pretty sure that you will enjoy the story line because basically this game is like a novel.

This game offer a good quality graphic. Also with virtual game pad, you can see that there are many buttons in there. You can see the skill buttons where you can place your lovely skills in here and the other key is to move your character and to check the map and the other functions.

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