Cyanogen OS 12 for OnePlus One, Finally Launched !

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There is good news for OnePlus One users. Android based operating system, Cyanogen 12 OS has been officially released and can be downloaded.

OnePlus overtaking a number of leading mobile phone vendors are still waiting to gets Android Lollipop. Although not officially from Google, but using ROM from Cyanogen Mod (CyanogenMod 12).

Previously, Cyanogen OS 12 planned introduced in late March. However, because there are obstacles certification, this plan was delayed.

At that time one of the founders OnePlus, Car Pei, said the new OS will be launched in early April.

Cyanogen also promising “material design” appearance that is a mainstay of the Android Lollipop. In addition, a custom ROM also includes a feature called App Themer which allows users to change the look of the menu.

Plus Cyanogen also equip CM 12 with Boxer email application. Boxer e-mail application is claimed has some interesting features. For example, can be connected with Microsoft Exchange and multiple accounts.

This email service developers has long cooperated with Cyanogen, so it is not surprising that in the future CyanogenMod users will find Boxer as default email application.

This application also supports the use of colorful LED lights as notifications. Then the user can perform a sweep to the left and right to see the new incoming emails.

The partnership Boxer and Cyanogen itself actually in line with the vision of Cyanogen who want to remove all the Google services. Perhaps the first is new email application, but the future may be a lot of Cyanogen applications that are used to replace all Google services.


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