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Marc Newson Responds to Criticism About Apple Watch from Fashion Industry

Marc Newson Responds to Criticism About Apple Watch Fashion Industry

One of the heads of the Apple Watch Design comes to meet the criticisms of the fashion industry. Today, Apple Watch has two clear and recognized parents: Jony Ive and Marc Newson. To date, Newson has never given an interview alone since his move was confirmed by Apple in September last year, although we had seen in numerous other events related to Apple Watch, design and fashion with Jony Ive, teammate and close friend.

Now, Newson has faced his first solo interview for the average London Evening Standard, which has been able to talk about Apple Watch, his involvement within the company and the future of Apple to fashion and ending in cars. It sounds good, right? Let’s see what you have to say one of the gurus of global design.

First, Newson has wanted to step out of the criticism that he has received about Apple Watch from some sectors, especially the fashion expert, where some experts say a mass product like the Apple Watch will never become a true object of Luxury:

“There are many Louis Vuitton bags out there. I think right now 1 in 5 Japanese women have a Louis Vuitton bag. But this still qualifies as a luxury item. It has to do with quality and product integrity. I have some classic mechanical watches. I do not see how they and Apple Watch can cannibalize each other or compete with each other. ”

Another of the criticisms leveled against the rail Apple Watch obsolescence is the idea of a product that has traditionally been considered timeless. Can you pay $ 10,000 for a luxury item alleged that will stay updated? This is what Newton says:

The way I see it is evolution, progress and we are doing great things. In one version of the Watch, incorporating the box acts as a charger device that can be used among other models. So it becomes a useful object and not something that just leave it in the drawer of your closet for the rest of eternity.

Newson says there is “a great opportunity” in the area of automation to be smarter

Finally, as we read in 9to5Mac, Newson shared his expectations about the technology that is coming. For example, he said that soon we will see technology applied to clothing. What about cars? Apple designer also coyly answered that question saying that “there is certainly a great opportunity in this area to be smarter.” Will you be referring to Apple Titan project which aims to build its own electric and autonomous vehicle?

Via 9to5mac 

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