Nexus 5x Case Review: 8 Case Review For You

Nexus 5x case reviewNexus 5x Case Review: 8 Case Review For You

There are many additional cases for the Nexus 5X such as the kickstand case if you want to get more functional features. Okay, Now we are going to talk about the Nexus 5X case review. This may useful for you who want to get some additional case for the 5X smartphone.

Here, we have 8 Nexus 5X case review for you:

1. Adopted Protective [case] Adopted Protective Nexus 5X case

Adopted Protective is a basic case with no frills. Adopted Protective case is available in three colors (carbon, clear frost, blue). There may not be any fancy features from Adopted Protective case, but surely, you will get a solid case to protect your Nexus 5x from any drops, scrapes, and scratches problems. You can get Adopted Protective case around $20 from Google Store. What do you think about the Adopted Protective case for your Nexus 5X? Let’s go to the second options!

2. Speck CandyShell Grip [case]

Speck CandyShell Grip Nexus 5X case

Speck Candyshell Grip case will provide excellent grip for you. Meets the military drop test standards for shock absorption, and also have a raised bezel around the front to helps protect your Nexus 5X screen. All of the buttons and cut-outs on Speck CandyShell Grip case are precise to the fit of the Nexus 5x. So, this is not only a great protective case but an attractive one as well for the Nexus 5X. The Speck Candyshell is available in black/Slate or White/Black, sell around $35 at Google Store. What do you think?

3. Adopted Folio [case]

Adopted Folio Nexus case

The Nexus 5X Adopted Folio case is designed to protect both the front and back of your phone. The Adopted Folio has a front flap that covers your Nexus 5X screen when it’s not in use. But you can easily fold behind when you need access to operating your phone. The Adopted Folio case has woven fabric material on top of its plastic coating, and available at a light or dark gray colors. You can get the Adopted Folio case at around $40 from Google Store.

4. i-Blason Dual Layer case (kickstand case)

i-Blason Dual Layer Nexus 5X Case

The i-Blason dual layer case for the Nexus 5X might be better fo you who want to get the double-enforced feature to protect against shock, impacts, scratches, dents, and more. Well, on the outside of i-Blason Dual Layer, you will find a polycarbonate shell (with a secondary silicone sleeve on the inside). The i-Blason Dual Layer case also has the added benefit of a kickstand, (as you can see) you get the i-Blason Dual Layer case for $13 on Amazon.

5. Spigen Thin Fit case

Spigen Thin Fit Nexus 5X Case

The Spigen Thin Fit is a pretty simple looking case for Nexus 5X. The Spigen Thin fit case is one of the best-known case brands out there. This case will provide an excellent protection for Nexus 5X that against scratches, dents, and minor drops. The Spigen thin fit case is really light and does not add much bulk. There are 3 colors options for Spigen Thin Fit case (black, white, and mint).You can get Spigen Thin Fit Case for Nexus around $12 from Amazon.

6. Ringke Fusion case

Ringke Fusion Nexus 5X case

The Ringke Fusion case is better for you who want to show off the 5X’s rear with a high-quality clear case. Fusion is the transparent case, adds very little weight and bulk. There is a smoke black version that adds a bit of tint to the sides and there is also a model that’s completely clear to get natural looks of the Nexus 5X. You can get the Ringke Fusion case for $12 on Amazon.

7. Spigen Ultra Hybrid Air Cushion

The Spigen Air Cushion is a lot like the Ringke Fusion. It largely comes down to which brand you prefer. Just like the Ringke fusion case, the clear design is special for you who want to show off the natural looks of the Nexus 5X. It is also providing extra protection from scratches, scuffs, and drops for your Nexus 5X. You can get this for $15 from Amazon.

8. Verus High Pro-Shield

Well, this is the last case review for Nexus 5X. The Verus High Pro Shield case is the perfect fit for these types of Nexus 5x owners. This case offered an attractive design that is comprised of a TPU layer and reinforced by a polycarbonate frame (all with a look that has a metal sheen to it). There are 3 colors options of the High Pro shield case (crimson red, electric blue, satin silver, shine gold, steel silver). You can get this case only for $17 from Amazon.

Well, that is all about the Nexus 5X case review. So, which one do you like? Please tell us your opinion via comment. Thank you.

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