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Game Corner – Gumball and Dungeons, How Long You Can Survive During The unknown journey?

If you guys that are loving RPG games as much as i do, but are too tired for grinding LVL or even grinding for equipment, then this game is made just for you.

Gumball and Dungeons 1

Source: google play

This is a mysterious adventure. How long you can survive during the unknown journey? Enter the Gumballs and Dungeons! Start off a great adventure with world wide players. Lead your Swordsman, Demon Hunter, Mage and Death Knight to beat the Evil Dominator of the Erathia continent.

● Explore the Gumballs & Dungeons with world wide players, challenge friends and check leaderboards and achievements.
● Experience more than 12 different game maps and hidden stages, including Magic Forest, Sage’s Tower, Dracula’s Castle, Skeleton Island .
● Build and upgrade your GUMBALL Fleet, go to the celestial city, challenge world wide players and win resources to upgrade your fleet.
● Collect powerful new gumballs and upgrade existing ones,including Mage, Swordsman, Odin, Vampire.
● Upgrade your Alchemist Workshop which can produce coins and resources constantly.
● You can also read many wonderful stories that have more than 100,000 words in the game.

You  see, this is an interesting game where you could enjoy the feelings of a RPG Game. But still slack off, because i know that some of you guys is a hardcore gamer and 24/7 doing checking your game. This game use the concept of gumball being an adventure, the adventurer gumball then save its friends that is capture in each dungeon like, warrior gumballs, Mage Gumball, Wizard, Priest, and many more. The gumball that you save will have a faction of its own. Where each faction got its own distinct talent and job.

Gumball and Dungeons 2

It is fun because it got tons of character to choose. It also has many feature too, where you could find and explore dungeons, brew some potions, make and equip an artifact, and link your gumball talents with other gumball of the same faction. Each gumball also have a job. The Jobs can be upgraded too.

There are also quest, and an endless mode for each dungeon that you have beat. The gameplay is pretty unique for an rpg game. It has a floor system where you find stair and go down in each dungeon. In the dungeon, there will be a boss waiting for you to beat. The way you found the stair is by clicking on a slate which hide the stair but beware the slate  doesn’t only hide your stair. It also hides item and beast. It also got stronger as you go down.

This is definitely a fun game to play, so check it out.