Sms Blocker for Android: Block SMS with this Easy Way

Sms Blocker for Android: Block SMS with this Easy Way

Ever got that creepy girl/boyfriend that stalks you? Text you “i will be on watch”? or even an annoying insurances guy that constantly text you to buy his product? then use this method to get rid of them.

First Method : Using the built in Android Block on The Messaging app

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Note : your phone must be running on Android Kitkat or above for this method to work.

  • Tap and hold the message of the sender
  • After a short delay, there is an Option Whether to delete the message or add to spam.
  • Just tap add to spam and confirm Blacklist on that number of sender.
  • Easy Right?

Second Method : Contact your Sim Carrier

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Your Carrier can easily create a block list, where they will add all the numbers from which you don’t want to receive any Text. However, they might charge you for this service.

Method 3 : Use an App

If you’re receiving calls or texts from a number you don’t trust, then use this apps to help you!

1. Phone Warior Caller ID, Block Call and Text

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Phone Warrior is a community of this app’s users that provides the name & mobile number location information for an unknown caller with its Caller ID feature. Phone Warrior blocks unwanted Calls, SMS & Texts and searches its 750million+ phone number directory to identify who’s calling you.

Not only does it block phone numbers you specify, but also blocks frequent spammers in your region automatically by learning from spammers and spam reported by other Warriors in your region. Examples include debt collectors, telemarketers and nuisance creators.

Note: App hangs up block calls and sends them to voicemail by default, if you want to prevent blocked calls from going to Voicemail, goto->Settings->Call Blocker -> Voicemail Settings-> Select PICKUP and HANG


2. SMS Blocker



“The ultimate SMS blocker that just works”. Now choose whose messages you want.

☆ It automatically blocks spam. Install and enjoy spam-free Inbox.
☆ Block SMS on the basis of number, sender phrase, content word or even by Series
☆ See blocked SMS in a separate folder with option to restore to Inbox
☆ Export blocked SMS in Notepad format
☆ Most superior performance


3. BlackLists

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This is an advanced call/sms filter and blocker tools. Create a black list and stay safe with your Android phone. This is a simple app, but rich and powerful features to manage unwanted call/text message from anyone.

This app works with per caller ID (incoming number) basic. Caller Ids can be organized into blacklist, or exception list and configured blocking options. Here are a list of features:

  1. Blocking
  2. Manage blacklist and logs
  3. Configuration
  4. Widget
  5. Call Confirm and Secret Box modules


Having a stalker is a pain. Remember! Make sure you don’t accidentally block people from texting you that you need to hear from. Check your blocked numbers periodically to ensure this is the case. If this article has been a help to you, be sure to Like, Share and comment this article. Thank you for reading and have a nice day!