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Get The Fastest Direction with Google Map on Your Smartphone

How do you do? Do you plan to have a vacation to a far away place this weekend? Whether you plan to go to a new place or you want to stay away from the everyday traffic, google map is a convenient application to help you.

Enable Your Network Connection

Google map is an easy to use application. It will direct you to your destination place, you just have to know how. Make sure that you have internet connection enable. Google map enable the user to save a map. However, you need to use your network and make sure that this application could tell you your way to your destination point.

Direction from Current Location

This application is simple to use. Just open google map on your phone. You could point your current location by tapping the second circle from bottom of your right corner screen. Make sure you already enable the device location for google to use. If you don’t want to enable your location, the other option is to write down or point out your current location on the map. Then, point out or write down your destination place. Tap the first circle from the bottom right corner of your screen. Google map will show you the fastest way to reach that destination. You have option to input another point of departure and destination places as well.

Direction from Known Location

direction from The Palace of Yogyakarta to Prambanan Temple
The steps you should take are not complicated at all. This one is the example of how you get direction from The Palace of Yogyakarta to Prambanan Temple. Both of these locations are in Yogyakarta City, Indonesia.

Just tap the first circle from the bottom right corner of your screen. It will direct you to another page. On this page, input your point of departure in the ‘Choose starting point’ box, for example: The Palace of Yogyakarta. Likewise, input your destination place in the ‘Choose destination’ box, for example Prambanan Temple. Google map will give you the fastest way from the palace to the temple. You could see how long it takes by car, by bus, or on foot. Furthermore, it gives you the fastest way depend on what vehicle(or on foot?) you want to take.

Get direction via your phone is easy and simple, right? We’d like to know your experience on it. Please, feel free to leave any comment. We hope you have a good day!