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SchematicMind: Excellent Mindmap Maker for Android

SchematicMind: Excellent Mindmap Maker for Android


What is SchematicMind

SchematicMind is a minimalist mindmap application that you could install on your Android phone. You could produce a lot of mindmap for free. Furthermore, the application does not limited the size of the mindmap that you want. Sadly, this application does not avaiable for you who don’t use android phone.

The Main Screen

On the main screen, you will find all of your mind maps that you built with this app. You will also find a finished mind map on the main screen. That mind map work as an example and as the tutorial as well. The title is Getting started. You could change the title, alter the content, and you could delete it. Still, the later is not recommended.

Easy to Use Application

SchematicMind is an easy to learn and to use application. You don’t have to learn a lot of complex feature. It has simple construction. Just tap on the ‘New Map’ and give it a title. As a result, a new mind map with your title as the central topic is ready to use. However, if you want to know more, just open the tutorial. It’s there for you. You could another help by tapping the three vertical dots on the right top corner. Tap the help section and you will find the help page.

The Design

This application has a very good design. The design is the most important for you, right? It has simple and clean design. Expand your mindmap by tapping on the main node. It has option to add a new node, to change its text, to change the shape, and it has option to change the border and background’s color. However, some of its feature do not available on free version.

This mindmap builder prevent you from deleting the main node because it will delete the entire mindmap on that page. You could delete it from the main screen. Tap for a while on a map. The application will ask you to choose the action that you want to perform. In addition to delete a map, you could also view, edit its name, change the icon, and also share it.

Upgrade Option

You have upgrade option to unlock all of its features. It offer ads free on the full version. There will be more shapes to use. Moreover, you are allowed to add notes to the topic. It has feature to cut, copy, and paste so it would be easier to use. Would you like to print your work? It is also available in the full version. Another feature of this mindmap maker is you could add lines between each topic. This feature allow you to connect two topics. You have the option to show or hide your topics too.

Whichever your version of SchematicMind, it is an excellent application to build your mindmap.