Games Week – Orbit Legends Clash of Summoners Full Review

Games Week – Orbit Legends

If you are a fan of RPG games, and are bored of the one in the google play. Then Orbit Legends is probably your choices.

Orbit Legends



Are you ready to challenge more than 1.5 million fortress mazes?
You will be a summoner, in a brand new dimension, creating and guarding your very own star isle and attacking other people’s creation using 3D Action gameplay!
What are you waiting for? Join the fun!

Honestly speaking, at first i don’t really like playing this games. I am a person that doesn’t like a very complicated tutorial. The tutorial that i am watching or playing will affect my game opinion, and because of the overly complicated tutorial that exist in the games, i kinda want to drop this game. Well, at first but after playing it a few times, giving it a try again. I am now addicted to it.



At first you are obligated to choose your character. A Female and A male.


The game got 2 types of gameplay one which you use to attack and the other is defense. Both have their own tutorial in it. For the attack type of gameplay, you control your own character that you choose in the early games and move around the dungeon and defeat all the summoned monster before you go on the portal. Some of the stages in the games also have a last boss, which you need to defeat before completing the dungeon.


The Defense type of gameplay is a bit different. It is more like a tower defense games, where you put out all of your summoned monster to an island that you created, and when the defense started. It will attack the enemies that comes near it. If you succeed in defending your Island, then you win.


Both type of gameplay will affect your pvp rank over the world. so be sure to keep attacking.

Other Feature


There are also a new type of feature that has never been implemented by other mobile RPG games, a just click assist. If you are idle in your home screen, you can get tons of stuff by clicking an assist button on the top right corner of your screen. You get a stuff and they get either attack bonus up or defense bonus up.


There are also a quest with bunch of Main and Daily quest, complete it every single day to get 1 diamond, if you are patient enough you will definitely got all of the summoned monster exist in the books without handing out a single penny to the developer. But if you aren’t then you could buy the diamonds. There are also another way to get diamonds by having your rank up in the PVP section, also completed the main quest will gives you a bunch. This is definitely not a greedy game.


Thank you for reading. There are many types of games in November, one of the game is Mobile Legends – Heroes Bang Bang.