Amateur Surgeon 4 – Regeneration: Live your Life as An Amateur Doctor

Amateur Surgeon 4 – Regeneration: Live your Life as An Amateur Doctor

Did you remember when you are a kid and you played as a doctor? Well, then the popular franchise of amateur surgeon finally made its 4th series. The Amateur Surgeon 4 – Regeneration, the game is undoubtedly popular before, and here we will see if it lives its former glory.



Perform Surgery on over 100 patients with household tools in Amateur Surgeon: Regenerations!
It’s time to grab your trusty pizza cutter, and start the operation!

Doctor Bleed, pioneer of amateur surgery, is back from the dead. Help him solve the mystery of his sudden resurrection as he spans the globe looking for answers, and saves some unwitting lives along the way.

In the Amateur Surgeon 4 – Regeneration you played as Doctor Bleed, The Doctor of Amateur Surgery, is back from the dead and he is in search of the mystery of his sudden resurrection. (It is a weird story though. You just came back from the dead, and the first thing that you are searching for is why he is resurrected? Why not be grateful and just live your life, but i am no game creator. If all game creator are like me then there will be no game made.)

Anyway, the main character lost his memory as the greatest surgeon, so you need to learn it from the start, from cutting skins with Pizza Slicer to Injecting some liquid to make your patient alive.



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The gameplay of the Amateur Surgeon 4 – Regeneration is the same as other previous game. You cut the skin with Pizza Slicer, Then put  the cut skin together by using Stapler. Use a lighter to close the wound, and apply an Ointment to automatically heal the wound (As if real life is like that).

At some point in the game, you will find some bugs crawling through the patient body, which is disgusting. That is where the generator on the right side of the skin is used for, zapping those damn bug to death. There are also vacuum to vacuum up all the residue left when doing the surgery.


Simply put this game is disgusting, illogical and weird, but those combination definitely made the best of the game. It has a strange charm to it, and made it popular. The Jokes inside the games is honestly good too, and there are many patient to boot which made this game awesome. Plus it is also updated almost every week, with bunch of different patient. It is definitely one of the tops game that is released in this December.

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