Vine, Dead in 17th January?


For those that is using vine, or is a watcher of vines. Then you might already know this. The all popular 6 sec video social media apps, Vines will not be available for use in the 17th January. Lizza Koshy, Lele Pons, Amanda Cherny, and many other vine persona in vine had moved in other social media platform like Instagram and Youtube.

What will the apps be like now? The company clarify’s that they will become a new camera apps called the “Vine Camera” an Apps which would record and loop things for 6 Sec on Twitter.

So it’s not like vine will be completely dead. It will just be reborn. And good news for all those Vine Lovers, as your previous favorite video will remained to be un-touch. The website will still be available for watch, acting as an archive for the older videos. You can search and nostalgia a bit in there, watching the previous comedy, drama, and things there.