Samsung will Release What’s Wrong with Note 7


Speaking in Last Vegas on the Consumer electronic Show, The COO (Chief Operating Officer) Tim Baxter said that :

“As you know, this year was a challenging year for Samsung. Some of you were directly impacted and many of you certainly saw the media coverage”

“We continue our intensive efforts to understand what happened.”

“Very soon we will be sharing … the report on the Galaxy Note 7,”

“Despite our setbacks, we have not, nor will we, stop innovating. In fact we’ve made significant strides in the US.”

As you know, the Samsung Note 7 is one of the most controversial Samsung product that has been released in 2016. It exploded because of overheating in the whole world that even some airlines in some specific country bans people to fly by having that gadget.

Samsung reportedly finished its investigation in December. Faulty batteries are believed to be the source of the handset’s defect, which caused dozens of Note7 phones to catch fire, but we will never know the truth, if the report isn’t released fast.