Facebook Wants to Start Ads Between Videos

Facebook wants to start ads between videos

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Over the past year, Facebook has been showing us bunch of videos to the users, and it is reportedly said that in 2016 the accumulation of those users were watching in total 100 millions hours per day. CEO Mark Zuckerberg, unlike everyone else in the video viewing site forbids the video ads, which run before a clip starts because of that the user have seen almost no ad or just a little ad on Facebook.

Although no Ads is beneficial for users as it is not annoying. For the publisher, not so much. Ads makes the viewer into customer, making yourself an additional money in each views for the publisher/the video maker. Which is why, Facebook which has no ads revenue is discouraged by some publisher like sports league or fashion brand from putting a content to the network.

Now, Facebook stated that they wanted to show more ads to the people that watch its video to start making money for people that supply it. For now, Facebook will sell the ads and share the revenue with its publishers, giving them 55% sales. This could be a chances for new publisher to make lots of money by making video.