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Guardian of Fantasy – Another Decent MMORPG Games for Android

Guardian of Fantasy – Another Decent MMORPG for Android

If you wanted to connect and play with others people and expand your social while enjoying your life playing games. Then a MMORPG called Guardian of Fantasy is maybe your choices.


Guardians of Fantasy is the best Japanese-style multi-players online game of the year! With exquisite graphics and harmony atmosphere, joys and emotions can be found here. Adventurers from the world, are you ready to ride on adorable mounts, together with cute pets and old companions, to step on the odyssey of fantasy land?

Here, together we share laughs, tears and sweats, together we guard our memories and fantasies.


Guardian of Fantasy is probably one of the best looking MMORPG game that is available to download for free in Google Play Store. The game uses the basic of any other MMORPG which is completing bunch of quest while killing bunch of monster. It is very simple but the arts style and the added feature makes it interesting and fun.


If you have play any other mmorpg like Ragnarok or Secret of Soltice then you might notice the similarity. Because this game also uses the job system, where you will be able to change your job to your advanced job after a certain lvl.

There are 3 jobs in total and each job has more than 1 advanced job for you to change to. There are also a pet system, where you will be able to get a pet that will be able to do some damage to the enemies. Pet will also help you in the dungeon.


You could also customize your appearance, apart from doing some questing in the fashion shop. You will be able to match your outfit with your pets, or just the scenery. The game is full HD so it will definitely be a pretty game. For those that wanted to have an easy time, use the path finding feature.

That way, you will be able to sit back and relax while your character do all the works. The game is fun and definitely free to play. Well, unless if you want to pay to win, why not. Check them out in the link below

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Guardians of Fantasy (Free (In App Purchase))
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