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MilkChoco FPS Game Review – Fun and Cute 4 to 4 Team Shooting Game

MilkChoco FPS Game Review – Fun and Cute 4 to 4 Team Shooting Game

TPS game or a Third Person Shooter game is a sub-genre of a shooting game in which the character is visible on the screen. There aren’t that many third person shooter game on the android phone. Especially an online third person shooter game, but luckily we have tumbled upon a great third person shooter game “MilkChoco”



[MilkChoco] is a 4 to 4 team shooting game.

MilkChoco is a TPS (Third person shooter) game that is made by a team of Korean developer. It is a basic 4 VS 4 team shooting game. There are 6 heroes to choose from, the Assault, Bomber, Recon, Shield, Medic and Ghost. Each of the character have different and special abilities.


Assault can easily move in the battlefield. Bomber can use the bomb strapped on himself and do an area damage around himself. Medic can heal as always. Ghost can teleport however far you want but it has a short delay which will make you vulnerable. Shield can put out a shield that will shield you up and Recon can see past the wall which is perfect for a sniper.


In the game, there will be 3 stages. Each stages will have a different objectives. The first stages which is an escort stages is where you escort a snail to the goal while killing the other team snails. You will need to combine forces with your team mates to win the game.

The second stages is an Assault stages in which your teams have to fill up a 10 bottles of milk or choco milk in the game. It is kinda like capture the flag with a time limit type of a game. The last one is the death match round, in which you will need to kill 20 people of the enemy team.

The game is very fun and the design is very cute. I personally like the way they move and sound after each revive. It is also updated regularly and is currently one of the most popular game on Google play. It is free to play and you could download it in the link below.

Tips : Choose your country server as it will affect your ping rates. The closer your server is the better your ping rates.

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MilkChoco - Online FPS (Free (In App Purchase))