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5 Easy Step How to Share Your Wi-Fi Connections Using Bluetooth

How to Share Your Wi-Fi Connections Using Bluetooth

Sometimes, for some unknown reason when you are in a hanging out with your friends in a cafe or restaurant the WiFi won’t connect with your phone at all. It is either searching for ip address or just won’t connect. Even though you had been going on and on for hours, re-typing the password again and again, and even ask for the waiter help and assistant.

Do you know that you can ask your friends to share the WiFi connection via Bluetooth? Well, here is the step.

How to share your Wi-Fi Using Bluetooth 1

1. First, Connect / Pair your Phone with your friends phone via Bluetooth

2. After connecting, Turn on the Bluetooth Tethering on your friends phone / Your phone in the other wireless connections setting to turn on the data sharing via Bluetooth


3. After that, Go back to the Bluetooth settings and find your friends paired Phone ID/your Phone ID.


4. Click the setting / Information button. After that you will be able to see internet access on it. Turn it on.


5. Enjoy the Connection.

There you have it. Although the speed might be slower, It is doable and usable just for chat and instgram. Thank you for reading and have a nice day!