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Crusader of Light Tips and Tricks: What Class is The Best?

Crusader of Light Tips and Tricks: What Class is The Best?


This game, Crusader of Light is one of the most popular in Google Play Store, now. It has the unique aspect of Mmorpg that others don’t have. (For full review of the game, you can click in the link here. Anyway, you might know by reading this article title, but this article will help you what class advantages and disadvantages.

In my own opinion, every class you choose has their own advantages and disadvantages. It depends on how to player use it and how to player utilize the skill perfectly to use for the character skill. However if you are a beginner then knowing what each skill advantages and disadvantages is one way to be a pro in the game. So here are the class explanation:


Warrior: is a tank in this game. The warrior is a frontliner in a party but depending on the built it can also be the initiator, and damage dealer too. It is the only melee class in the game and is one of the most use character in the game.

If you are doing a raid, then this class needs to protect every other class. If your defense is broken then your team will definitely lose in a raid. Unless the boss health is already low when you die then your team mates will definitely be able to kill the boss with a simple kiting.

Ranger: is the one of the DPS dealer in the game. Its most effective use it to deal damage behind a front liner. Which is why you need to make a team of 2 with a frontliner. If you want to do solo with the class, then you must familiarize yourself with a strategic kiting or hitting your target while moving to maximize the character, most of the skill of this character is to either run, or kill the enemies with a simple hit.

This character is effective in both PvP (Player Versus Player) and PvE (Player versus Enemies / Monster). In raid mode, Ranger is the second best character.

Mystic: is the best AoE damager in the game. It is very difficult class to play because you need to watch out for your HP and MP at the same time. The skill uses MP to deal damage in a large group and if your MP is gone, then you won’t be contributing in a team or anything at all, but mystic class is definitely the best in raids.

It is because mystic can act as a DPS and Support at the same time. It will heal the frontliner while at the same time dealing damage to the boss.

So have you decided what class is the best for you?