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Last Day on Earth: Survival – Tips and Tricks, How to kill a deer!

Last Day on Earth: Survival Tips and Tricks

Although last day on earth is a new game that is just a beta. It has been played by over a million people, and which is why the demands for tips and tricks for the game has been going strong. So here in roonby, we will give you the tips and tricks that can be used to play the game. Check them out!

Note : here is the Review of the game itself. Last Day on Earth : Survival Game Review!

1. Don’t Drink to much water


Besides saving the most important thing beside food in this game. You will also need to know that drinking to much water in the game will lead to pissing your character. Although you might think that pissing is a simple matter, but the mechanic of this game is that, when your character want to relieve his self, your character speed will drop 75% from the original speed. It is okay if in the area, there aren’t any zombies. However what if there are? You won’t be able to run, and fighting is your only choices.

2. Try to minimize what you learn, if you can.


Like what i said, try to minimize what you learn. Focus yourself on the important stuff like rain catcher, camp fire, radio, wood bench, and anything else that you deemed important. Here is why, you will only be able to learnt limited amount of stuff each time you lvl up, and each time you lvl. You will need twice the exp of before lvl ing up. Which is why it is considerably hard for you to learn stuff in the late game, but if you have a dime to spare, You could just learn everything. Build everything and then store it in the storage before resetting your knowledge.

3. Don’t go for armor and stuff


Here is why, Armor isn’t really important. You will be able to find it in some chest in some area. the game will have a small chance in which you will be able to find an armor or weapon in each chest. The armor that you learn will always be updated and the previous one stats will be lower than the updated one. So it is not important to learn that. UNLESS! You found someplace where there are bunch of chest but you need an armor to do that then you can learn that.

4. Farming is not important but can be use to secure food


Farming although not as important as other stuff. You will be able to use it to gather carrot. Which can be used to make carrot stew. The carrot stew will replenish hunger and health much more than a simple carrot. But i don’t recommend you to get it. As there are other food source that can be used to replenish hunger and health.

5. Deer Can be killed by crouching


To kill a deer, you will need to crouch before approaching. Then try to kill it in a single hit. If not you must try and crouch again and again.

6. Running is okay, just don’t die.


If you are in a situation, where tons of zombies are trying to catch and chase you to the end of the world, or if you are in a fight with someone else that want to steal your stuff and you can’t beat them. Then run to the edge of the area. After running. You will be leaving the area and the people won’t be able to chase you or kill you anymore, because if you die. Your inventory that you bring in the area will be lost and you will respawn in your base or home.

7. Thirsty? then use berry tea


If you have a camp fire. Then you will be able to made berry tea. . It need a pine wood for fuel and 3 berry to make. But in replace it will give you 40 thirst relieve. So be sure to collect your berries.

8. Health? Then eat some meat.


Eating a cook meat will heal you for 25 health. So be sure to kill every deer that you can.

So there you have it. These are some of the tips and tricks that we have given you. Got any other tips or tricks? Then you could comment and share it below. Thank you for reading and have a nice day.!