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Weapon Throwing RPG 2: 6 Easy Tips and Tricks for non-Payer – How to get jewel Easily

Weapon Throwing RPG 2 Tips and Tricks for non-Payer: How to get jewel Easily

Based on the popular review of the game Weapon throwing RPG 2. We have put up a list of tips and tricks that you could use to make your game play easier. Especially for those non payer player that wanted to get Jewel easier. Here are the list of tips and tricks:

1. To get Jewel Easier


To get jewel Easier you will first need to have a jewel of 77. It is pretty easy to get by saving it up from the stages and clearing up the episode. Each stages will gives you +3 jewel with each stages have 4 level. Which means that you will get +12 jewel per stages.

You will be able to save up 77 Jewel after the end of the first episode. After that go to the trader tab and buy the merchant buddy. The merchant buddy will give you a +chance of each monster having a gem after defeating them. You will definitely get +1 or more gem per run. Unless you are really unlucky.

2. Luck is one of the most powerful stats


While luck doesn’t really increase any of your battle skill. It will significantly increase your chance of obtaining a different weapon and accessory which will indeed boost your attack and other stuff. So i suggest you to – in each episode, try to grind bunch of different weapon that will help you to win.

3. Maiden before lord


While finishing the tutorial, you will be joined by other people. Each character will have different ability, but the most important ability of all is the maiden ability. That is able to give you a +1 life to kill the enemies again which is the lvl 3 ability. So Lvl up her skill to the max before picking the other.

4. Speed is the second most important stats


Why? Because it boost your preparation speed. In short. It will affect the speed of your weapon cool down. So you will be able to use the weapon much faster.

5. Try to win the arena faster


Arena is your best bet to win the game easier. You will be able to get bunch of different weapon and skill. The first 3 arena win will give you a weapon that is op in the early game but will become thrash that can’t be sell in the late game. The most important thing that you need to get in the game is the weapon frame that will enable you to add another weapon slot.

6. Watch your opponents


Before throwing your weapon. You will need to watch your opponents. What sort of weapon do they have, and what sort of lane do they throw in. There are 3 lanes. Middle, low and upper. Middle which is the spear and sword lane. Lower which is the arrow and dagger lane and upper which is the axe, mace, and hammer lane. They all have different ability. But each weapon can interfere with others in the same lane. Depending on the durability. So disturb  your enemies weapon by throwing your own weapon to nullify the damage.