User Experience – A Week in the Game, Dead Ahead: Zombie Warfare

User Experience – A Week in the Game Dead Ahead: Zombie Warfare

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Dead Ahead is a Tower defense games that can be play for free anywhere and anytime in your Android or your iPhone devices. It can be downloaded in either Google Play Store or Appstore. The game is pretty easy and simple and anyone of all age can definitely play it.

Well, there are also a tutorial that you need to finished before starting the game, so of course anyone of all age can play it. It would be nice if the developer can make a skip button, but oh well.


The game have a pixelated graphics with a nice and smooth character which makes it look nicer. I personally like that kind of graphics and the game play is pretty fun too. You summon a troops / a soldier to defend your bus while killing and destroying the boulder or a wall that is blocking your way to advanced.

You could summon different types of soldier and of course the zombies also have a different type of zombies. Another fun thing about the game is there is also a spell (like things) that you can use to either spawn a barrel or water generator or even a first aid kid to help you in the game. It is pretty fun to use whatever you had to clear the stages.


Although i have said all of the nice things that in the game, the game is not perfect. It is pretty laggy, especially if you summon too many troops or if there are too many zombies in the screen which hinder the gameplay by a lot.

At first, i thought that it was a problem with my phone specs, but later i think it is not. My phone is brand new and have a 1.5 GHZ Octa Core Processor with 3 GB Ram, which is why most game won’t lag by a lot in my phone. When i search for the comments in the game, plenty of users also have the same problem. So developer, if you are reading this. Please fix.

Oh and another thing. Grinding in the game is almost impossible depending on what you are searching for. If you are searching for an item, then that might be possible. However if you are grinding for money, it is almost impossible to get.

1 stage will only gives you 5 coins, if you had complete the stage and if you are lucky enough to get the safe in the stages, then you will most likely get +10 coin per stages which means that 1 stages will give you +15 coins. 1 troops will cost you 100 – 1000 coins depending on what you want. How many stages will you need to do before getting the 1000 coins troops that you want.

Well, of course the developer needs money to develop the game, but please for the god love, change that! I have got to say it to the developer though. The game didn’t force ads into your face, it lets you choose when it will play ads for you, either for money, items and speed up. There are also some rare occasion in which you needs to watch the ads to play the game, it is pretty rare.

So, there you have it, the review after a week in the game. Did you also have the same problem? Or if you have other problem,  comment it in the link below!