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Tales of The Rays Review – The Tales Game Series for Your Mobile Devices

Tales of The Rays – The Tales Game Series for Your Mobile Devices

The tales series is one of the best RPG games that has been around since the start of PS2 Saga. It win in terms of its gameplay and stories that is pretty captivating and interesting. Now, the tales series has comes to your mobile devices for you to enjoy, for free too! Interested? Well, check out this review: Tales of the Rays!



A console quality Tales Game in your hands!

The classic tales RPG series comes to phones and tablets in an all new epic JRPG. Experience epic 3-D action with an all-new Linear Motion Battle system, using simple controls optimized for mobile devices. Unleash deadly Mirrage Artes for powerful attacks with simple taps and swipes.

This game is awesome! The tales series is one of the best RPG series and had many fans around the world, and this game can be play for free too. This time, the story is about 2 people that are a descended from a bloodline of Miris and are on an epic journey to revive the world. While exploring and saving the world, you will also see the past tales heroes, and explore their new story.

The game play style is the combination of mobile RPG game that use energy system, and the usual Tales RPG system. You will explore a dungeon full of treasures and monster while exploring the world. The graphic is good, and the game play is pretty interesting, plus with the story line that is captivating this game is definitely worth your time!

Pros Cons
1. GOOD GRAPHIC! 1. Need lots of storage
2. GOOD STORY LINE! 2. Lagging a bit for slower / older phone model
3. One of the best RPG Game since the brave frontier and the best of all, it is free to play 3. –

App Rating

Tales of The Rays (Free (In App Purchase))
BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.