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4 Chef King Game Tips and Tricks – How to Easily Raise Your Level!

Chef King Game Tips and Tricks – How to Easily Raise Your Level!

Before, we have reviewed the Chef King here. We have also give you a week experience in the game here. Anyway, now, we will also give some of the tips and tricks for you. Check it out!

1. Use boss type Ingredients to succeed the test


The first time you took a test, you might be confused, but it is pretty easy. You will be able to easily beat the test if you use boss ingredients. For the E rank test, you will be able to use the “Angry boar” Ingredients to finish the test.

In the D rank test, you will be able to use a the boss ingredient in silent hill called “Angry Roe” to finish it and so on. If you don’t understand, simply use the ingredients of the last stages boss that you could find. If not, increase your lvl for a while by cooking something and then challenge the next stages to find the ingredients that you need.

2. Increase your Level easily


The first thing that you need to know is that, each ingredients that you cook will give you a different amount of exp even if cooked as the same dish.

For example, the soy sauce dish in the pot recipes. If you use an egg, it will give you 10 – 20 amount of exp, however if you use a duck egg it will give you 15 – 30 amount of exp, so be sure to remember that.

To grind for your lvl, you need to find a dish that is easy to make. I prefer Cutlet as it use egg and chicken, which can be found easily in the first stages. It also gives you tons of exp at first.


Next, keep it up until you are in the D Class, then you could grind croquette that use milk and goose egg. It could be found in the small island at 1 stages.

If you are in need of the main ingredients, use seagull that is available in the previous stages or turning in the small island 3 stages. Croquette will give you 50 – 100+ Exp depending on the ingredient. So you will be able to grind easily.

3. Hidden Quest


If you have unlock the upgrade feature of the game. Then you will also know that there is a hidden quest in each cooking utensil. Each upgrades will give you a quest that you can finish. If you finish it.


You will be able to get an item that will make your title a bit more crowded. It is dumb, but i guess it is still fun to finish the quest.

4. Equipment


What type of equipment that is important? For starter, what you need is weapon and defense, other than that, it is not essential.

The costume, although will grant you + cooking skill, it is not important. As each time you ranked up, the trainer will give you 1 costume of that class. The hat though is a bit more important, if you have a spare of toolbox, use it for the hat. If not, just use it for your weapon and sub weapon.