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Unison League Review – Steamroll Any Ugly Monsters that Get in Your Way!

Unison League Review – Steamroll Any Ugly Monsters that Get in Your Way!

RPG games is probably one of the most loved genre. It is made so that the players can immerse themselves in a fantasy world. The Android ecosystem have tons of available and free to download RPG type of game. Now we will review a game called Unison League.



▼Real Time Co-Op Quests
Steamroll any ugly monsters or other players that get in your way with up to 4 friends at a time!
▼Fully Customizable Appearance
Dress to impress and create a unique combination of face, hair, and gear to make your mark on the world! None will forget the heroic deeds of Bananaface21.
▼Intense Guild Battles
Epic guild battles allow for teams of up to 10 players to duke it out in real time! Strategize and dominate!
▼Stunning Unison Attacks
Coordinate with your guilds to unleash eye-popping Unison attacks that will have your enemies crying in fear!
▼And Much More!

Unison League is a real time RPG games in which you can play the game with another player across the world. It encourage the player to be social with each others to play and beat the quest.

Of course, you could play by yourself but playing with other player will make it considerably easier and it is more fun to play. Anyway, the game has the same feel as the all time popular, Brave Frontier. In which the player take turns in attacking / using a skill to defeat the monster, but Unison League uses the concept of attacking with an ability cost. As long as you have the ability cost to attack, then you are fine. You could also defend and heal besides attacking. Don’t forget assign what skill you want depending on the jobs that you had.

Pros Cons
1. Cute Character that can be customized 1. A bit of a pay to win type of game.
2. Co-op Quest real time so that you can play with your friends 2. long download!
3. Tons of abilities and feature that make it fun to play 3. You need a good connection, because you are playing with people around the world and lagging is not a choice

The game is pretty awesome. If you want to play it, then click on the link below.

App Rating

Unison League (Free (In App Purchase))