No cables, ports ? That Is Wireless Charging

In this modern days, everything can be possible. In the past we might think that something beyond human ways of thinking is impossible, but in this modern days, it can be possible.

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Smartphones world is just one of the fastest things that quickly evolve from the old ones. We all know that just in few years, smartphones have many different functions. In the past, we couldn’t use android, apple or the other brand. We could just use our phone to SMS and calling friends, but in this days, we could do many things just with our smartphone.

The development of smartphones has bring many advantages and disadvantages. After we use our smartphones for over a few years, we all know that smartphones can’t last long. Different with the old phones like Nokia that can last for 1 week without a single charge. From cable charging to the powerbank and the not-so-popular one ( I think ) is the inductive charging or we can call that as wireless charging.

So, what is wireless charging ? According to Wikipedia, wireless charging is uses of an electromagnetic field to transfer the energy between two objects. For the time being, we have Wireless Power Consortium (WPC, and its Qi standard), the Power Matters Alliance (PMA) and the Alliance for Wireless Power (A4WP). -source

Samsung revealed that they will release the hardware that will supports all availaible wireless charging devices in the future. The rumors said that the new samsung galaxy S6 will has this feature. So, basically if this rumors is true, samsung galaxy S6 can supports this feature. You can charge your smartphone with a wireless charging hardware. Personally, I want to see more devices that use this feature.

According to wikipedia, these are the advantages of wireless charging :

  • Protected connections – no corrosion when the electronics are all enclosed, away from water or oxygen in the atmosphere.
  • Safer for medical implants – for embedded medical devices, allows recharging/powering through the skin rather than having wires penetrate the skin, which would increase the risk of infection.
  • Durability – Without the need to constantly plug and unplug the device, there is significantly less wear and tear on the socket of the device and the attaching cable.
  • No e-waste
  • Non radiative energy transfer

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