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Kids Math, Useful Applications For Your Child

Do you search funny or serious game like math for you children? If you search math game, may its suitable for you.  Math is a basic knowledge that we should know. When we were child we were taught by our parents and teacher for a simple math, but now maybe we already forget it and the life actually doesn’t contain math. We all know that we should learn math from the very beginning. For child, math is one of the important thing that they should know. Children do like games, especially the funny one and if we try to teach them about math, they will get bored easily. So, because of that we should search for a good techniques to teach math to the children.

Kids Math game
Kids Math game

Kids math is one of the popular applications that you can download it for free in the google play store. We can teach our child with a simple math and you can also teach them how to solve the math problems. This application also come with a nice character picture, so your children will not be bored easily. This is a cool math games

So here are some of its features :

#1) Kids Math Test

In this math training your task is to pass all 8 cool math levels of the game within a certain time. During each level you have to answer to 10 math questions(addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, mixed operations, finding greatest and smallest numbers e.t.c). At the beginning You have 45 seconds. Each correct answer gives you additional 4 seconds for the next math attack, and each incorrect answer reduces your time by 5 seconds.So be careful with your answers and have fun with this math quiz educational game.This is a perfect and cool math workout for your kids and a perfect challenge for you!

The questions(math equations) are generated dynamically, so you will get new questions each time you play the game.
In this game you will find many different types of math operations
+,-,/,*,finding the greatest number, finding the smallest number, fractions comparison, and mixed operations.
There are 8 Levels. In each consecutive level math questions are getting harder and harder.

#2) Sum Finder
This is a fantastic and challenging math game. Your task is to make the target sum by selecting several numbers.
Your time is limited and you must calculate very fast for this game. Try to score as must points as you can. Remember, you will get DOUBLE POINTS if you reach the target with same colored blocks. There are unlimited number of levels, so you will never get bored of it!

#3) Math Memory
This game is a connection of math and memory. You will need to open pairs of tiles with the same value. This is not an ordinary matching game. The tiles contains not only numbers, but also mathematical expressions.
This amazing game will help you to train your memory and your math skills together. There are available three game difficulty levels, so you and your kid will always find the right one for you!



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