Create Your Own Apple Watch from Lego

Lego anticipates the launch of Apple Watch and already have the pieces to ourselves what we mount. It is curious how the Apple Watch is beginning to have an impact in areas that go far beyond technology when it has not even hit the market. Surely many of you may keep good memories of Lego building game with which we could build anything we want based on blocks of different sizes and shapes.

Create Your Own Apple Watch from Lego
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Well, Lego is still very much alive today, and even mobile devices and consoles have made many children opt for these instead of giving free rein to their imagination with the popular game of construction, the company has managed to reinvent and adapt to changing times. At present, one of the most profitable businesses are Lego themed buildings of any type and sector and Apple Watch has not been spared.

Instead of waiting until next April 24 to make us smart watch the apple, the user Chris McVeigh gives us the opportunity to build the Apple Watch Lego ourselves. All you have to do is order the necessary parts needed to build all the details of smartwatch.

McVeigh has published a comprehensive guide that we list the serial number of each piece and how much you have to ask to build our own Apple Watch. Of course, the order must do so through the official website of Lego, which allows us to apply those pieces we need. Also, here you have the step by step instructions for mounting the clock from scratch.

The Apple Watch Lego consists of 60 pieces and build it so funny

Surely this is something really interesting and surely like more of a fan of Lego. In case you want to know the large number of issues related to Apple that can be found in Lego, searching for “Lego Apple” in Google you can find great examples. Some days ago we also show one of many curiosities related to Apple Watch, it was a re manufactured in felt, really adorable, do not you think? And you, are you fans of Lego? What do you think Apple Watch this built block?

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