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5 Reasons to Buy a Smartwatch

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We currently have hundreds of tools that help us make our routines, more bearable exercise. In recent years has been the boom in Smartwatches, items that help us measure our performance, give us a history of physical activity we do, let us break our record, listen to music, share our achievements in social networks and more.

  1. Monitor your activity

Most models now have the possibility to measure your heart rate; know how you walk, your level of physical activity and encourage you to overcome your history. Models like the Motorola Moto 360 keeps track of your progress. Use daily and weekly to help you have a healthier heart references. The Apple Watch gives you the ability to bring a super point count of daily physical activity. It will tell you if you get to your goals or not; all from your wrist.

  1. Connect your social networks

Another point in favor of this type of device is that through them you will have the opportunity to receive notifications from your social networks and share your records. Devices such as Alcatel Smartwatch will send notifications through vibrations. You can change the remote control so you get to have a better use of your devices.

  1. Know where you are

There are models with integrated GPS. If you’re already nailed or riveted on the subject, Czech Garmin’s proposal, they have incredible models also give you your rankings and records about your physical activity have preloaded maps with those who suggest new avenues of training.

  1. Your music anywhere

Another point that makes us recommend one of these devices is that they give you the ability to connect and sync your music between your devices. One point when we go out for a run or bike ride that prevents us from enjoying our walk or exercise routine is the fact of not knowing where to keep our cell phone. With a Smartwatch you can sync your favorite music either from your music library or platforms like Spotify.

  1. Burning calories

With models like those offered by Alcatel One Touch will know how many calories you’re burning in each workout. The calculated based on your physical activity and time spent resting. There are models that tell you how much longer should exercising matching your daily physical activity. They are an excellent tool to see in real time how your body behaves and how much you should take.


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