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5 Things You Can Do with Your SmartWatch


It’s not even something that everyone knows, but gradually they are making their entry into society, in stores and on the wishes of many users of Android. Maybe what you know are not possible uses you can give to a device of this type. I’ll show 5 uses you can give to your Smartwatch. In case you do not even have any device of this type, nothing better check what best Android smartwatches the moment are to help you decide.

  1. Answer calls and messages while driving

Mind you, I do not recommend the danger involved stop watch 100% on the road. If your watch has a smart microphone that can answer calls, with security provided by not having to take the smartphone and tap the clock to answer, talk and hang. Many cars already include integrated hands-free, so to speak pick from the clock thanks to the car hands-free. In turn, thanks to voice commands, you can answer text messages, but not to the efficacy of type, since the detection of the words is not 100% accurate and still needs some debugging, but I think it’s great that whether it is possible to do.

  1. Make payments in shops

It is possible that with the arrival of Apple Watch the Smartwatch earn fame, and can make a payment. Thanks to the NFC chip that some devices like the LG Watch Urbane LTE have, we can pay if the store has the necessary terminal that supports these payments. It is possible to link our credit card or debit card even Paypal for fast and secure payments.

  1. Airplane boarding card

Currently, the boarding pass as SMS or email are widespread, many have seen or used, the system in which teaching the smartphone scan the code and allow you to access the aircraft. That same samples code  in the smartphone you can show by Smartwatch, yes without removing your mobile phone from pocket. It is possible that the ground crew see it for the first time in the near future, so do not be surprised to see you face to put to get the ticket on the clock.

  1. Control your music from your smartphone

If you have music on your smartphone, and it is in the pocket and headphones in your ears, it means you’re enjoying a song, or as I say, great song. So nothing better than using your Smartwatch, as if synchronized via Bluetooth, you can change the song directly from it, without removing the phone from his pocket, and in a jiffy. Easy!

  1. Shopping List

This is one of the things that we often do with our Smartwatch (apart from looking at the time). When going to the supermarket is important to have two things. First, do not go if you’re hungry, and second, pointed out on paper what you’re buying. The first is arranged easy snacking before going out to do the shopping, the second, is arranged with your Smartwatch. Thanks to various applications can create your shopping list on your clock, so that crossing go one by one the products you’re taking, without being with paper and pen in hand, and almost without releasing the carriage (if single will hit the shelf on the left, always).


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