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ZeaPlus DM360, a Clone of Moto 360 Its Ready!


Surely the Smartwatch that marked a radical change in the way of seeing was presented by Motorola just over a year, the Moto 360. It came with a circular design, which even today remains one of the best alternatives if you are interested in trying one of smartwatch gadgets.

On the other hand and although not a radically innovative concept, the Cupertino company introduced about 5 months ago the popular watch, Apple Watch. Apple Watch will come to Europe in next month. It means like the Moto 360, it has a significant evolution, especially in terms of software.

Precisely Zeaplus, the brand known for presenting a clone of the iPhone and the Xiaomi E4, is best placed to try the copy of these two watch company. After publicize a clone of Apple Watch, the manufacturer has released a circular SmartWatch with a design that is, at least for the images, a copy of Moto 360 Motorola albeit with obvious limitations, mainly caused by the lack of Android Wear. It is true that the price is not even so if you want to 100 euros.

The watch is called DM360 ZeaPlus as lack of trying it, maybe one of the best alternatives if you are interested in trying one of these devices. For just over 90 euros you will buy you a Zeaplus DM360, with a design clearly inspired by the stylish Motorola SmartWatch.

The Smartwatch is a bit smaller than the original, and is equipped with a screen of 1.22 “with a resolution of 240 × 204 with IP53 certification, which makes it usable in any situation. The watch is steel, which gives the product a quality appearance. In addition, leaving aside the design, this smart watch has a large number of sensors and integrated functions are particularly interesting, especially for the price it has. We find a heartbeat sensor, classic and function pedometer to monitor the quality of sleep.

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With Bluetooth connectivity you can answer calls using the integrated microphone. The battery has a capacity of 320 mAh, and according to the company must ensure two days of autonomy.

If you are interested in purchasing this watch, you should know that will not come to Europe, although in the case of a device of this type, it is advisable that you buy at any Chinese online store. You will ensure that the price does not go up too. The question is, Is it worth 100 euros to buy this watch instead of Moto 360?

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ZeaPlus DM360

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