Apple Announces iOS 9 & The Flagship Features

Craig Federighi unveil the iOS 9.
Craig Federighi unveil the iOS 9.

Apple finally announced the latest operating system for the iPhone and iPad in the event Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in 2015. What are the new mainstay features in this iOS 9 ??

Vice President of Apple Software Engineering, Craig Federighi, who opened this event was to announce an update to the digital assistant, Siri. Not just appear with new faces, Siri commands is also getting smarter.

“Siri has used billions of times each year, and only 5% who fail the word. We want to make Siri look smart without violating privacy,” Federighi said in front of thousands of developers were present at this event.

Recent Siri named Proactive arguably have the ability similar to Google Now. Some of its features such as being able to warn the agenda and accompanied by monitoring traffic conditions.

Proactive Siri also able to browse your mailbox so as to provide the alleged instance if there is a call from a number that has not been stored in the contact book.

Apple also provides the deepening integration between Siri with Spotlight. So the search even more detail and depth.

Turning to the Notes feature. So far, no significant changes in the Notes of previous iOS versions. Here, Notes on iOS 9 not only useful to write the word, but also allows users to draw like using a Galaxy Note with S-Pen.

The presence of Apple Maps that previously underestimated, now the better after many improvements. It starts from Apple updates Maps and directions are more detailed in providing an overview of one location to another.

Special for iPad users there is something special. Because IOS 9 is now presenting more diversity to do multitasking. “IPad has always supported multitasking, but IOS 9 we give something new place,” Craig explained.

So do not be surprised, for example, when the user opens the browser on iOS 9 and then press the Home button twice, then there are other applications tab next to it. And then be able to do two jobs at once, for example: browsing and chatting.

IOS 9 users will feel the new another sensation when opening video and then shrink the window while the video still spinning by appearing to page interface to enter into other applications.

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