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Throughout the year we have seen a lot of interesting smartphones are coming out of China, and the number of devices continues to grow. China is home to many manufacturers of smartphones, some of them are well known and others unknown. Oukitel is in the group of unknown Chinese manufacturers, but the company is trying to change that and more manufacturers seeing their neighbors are coming to other markets and getting more profits and more sales.

This company is located in the city of Shenzen and has presented its first intelligent clock, A28 Oukitel a SmartWatch made of aluminum which we have any information.

The new Oukitel A28 is staging the Chinese manufacturer smartwatches in the world. The watch is made of aluminum and are sold with a leather band. It will be available in two colors, gold and silver. Its dimensions are 48 mm x 40 mm x 12.3 mm. As to your specifications we find that your battery is 250 mAh, which this battery would be able to keep the clock running for more than 100 hours in standby mode.

The clock will have a screen of 1.54 inches and a 240 x 240 resolution IPS panel. The processor will be the MT2502A made by Chinese manufacturer MediaTek. The clock will feature Bluetooth 4.0 and is compatible with Android and iOS devices, so we can rule that the operating system is Android Wear. Besides the watch it will feature a number of fitness functions. It will also feature heart rate monitor to track sleep, keystrokes. It will serve as a physical button on / lock the device. This intelligent clock will be available for purchase later this month, but we know the price that will come.

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Smartwatches the world is growing every day, more and more people are interested in this type of devices. The companies know this and know this trend, which is causing them to invest in new and different models, increasing the chances to choose and therefore enriching this booming market.

The fact that they have not yet peaked in technological escalation makes any new information represents a novelty such as LG’s new idea about new smart watches or betting dual-screen Lenovo. In this case we are going to talk about a new SmartWatch Oukitel, whom we presented a smartphone recently.

You could say that the Oukitel A28 reminds us in some features to Apple Watch or Asus Zenwatch. As always, any of these two smartwatches is a good reference in design, because if one thing is certain, is that both are very elegant, beautiful and with the philosophy of trying to be as faithful as possible to the traditional image of watches.

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