5 Best Launcher For Your Android Tablet !

Do you have an Android tablet? Of course, you want to customize the interface for your favorite tablet becomes more colorful. The easiest method is to install Android launcher. With the android launcher, you can customize the interface to be used with ease.

Android launcher interface will not make your tablet experience permanently changes. When you install one launcher, then that change is lock screen, home screen and app drawer. You must be wondering, what is great launcher for your favorite tablet? Here are 5 best launcher for Android tablets.

1. Google Now Launcher

launcher Google Now

This Launcher is a launcher that is very similar to the Nexus tablet interface. This launcher does not carry a lot of features such as another launcher offered. However, Google Now Launcher is very fast to operate. In addition, the launcher is equipped with voice search which has been activated by the features of Google.

Because of this launcher is a launcher made by Google, so do not be surprised if services like Gmail, Google Drive, Maps, Keep, YouTube, and Google+ will be displayed in the front position and the middle home screen. However, you can delete the folder from the home screen if not desirable.

Google Now Launcher can be downloaded for free in the Google Play Store.

2. Apex Launcher / Apex Launcher Pro

launcher apex

Apex Launcher is the best launcher for your favorite Android tablets and smartphones. This launcher gives the user full control over the appearance of the operating system. In addition, you can place seven to five pages shortcut icon in the dock icons on your tablet.

Other features, there is a screen transition effects, customizable icons and labels, as well as some drawer size and sorting the main page or the apps in the app drawer. The theme is available in various options.

There is a free version and paid. The difference is paid launcher will open access to more features, such as placing widgets in the dock, more transition effects, and support to ADW, LauncherPro and Go Launcher.

3. Nova Launcher / Nova Launcher Prime

launcher nova launcher

In many ways, this launcher is very similar to Apex Launcher. Comes to offer some themes, it also allowing you to adjust the grid size, the dock icon can create multiple pages, as well as transition home screen effect.

One of the features that distinguish Nova Launcher with Apex Launcher is Google Search by voice capabilities. It can be enabled and the ability to place the icons and widgets on the home screen subgrid page.

Nova Launcher can be downloaded for free. However, there is also a paid version. The paid version will open several additional features such as gesture support, app drawer that can be customized, an effect of the transition to more.

4. Action Launcher

launcher action launcher

This launcher is one launcher with the best display for Android tablets. Action Launcher comes with a unique interface with extra color for your wallpaper. The very interesting feature of this launcher is Quickpage. This feature gives direct access to the application with you slide your finger from left to right of the screen on the home screen page.

It also offer a custom icon, a variety of packages for icons, and various customization options. Action Launcher can be downloaded for free in the Google Play Store.

5. SquareHome / SquareHome Key (Tablet Version)

launcher square home launcher

If you have an Android tablet, but you want the interface like Windows Metro UI, it is the best view. Yes, Square Home is a launcher that can alter your interface look similar as a Windows-based tablet.

You can add new tiles, change the size of the tiles that have been there, and lock the home screen pages to prevent a change occurs, apply a theme, and offers a shortcut icon pack.

The Launcher can be downloaded for free in the Google Play Store. However, you must buy SquareHome Key to unlock all the features possessed the launcher.

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