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Now, Apple Watch Can Running Google Maps

Apple Watch and iPhone
Apple Watch can only run Apple Maps applications? No, not anymore. Because Apple Watch users who prefer Google Maps can now run the Google application. The reason, Google has made Maps app for iOS wearable.

How it works? Google Maps for Apple smartwatch is quite easy. When opening the Google Maps app on Apple Watch, you will be offered in two options; navigation to your home or office. Navigation directions are provided using a Google account. Quite easy and simple, is not it?

Although not able to access the full map on Apple Watch, but using the Force Touch you will allow to switch between walking, driving and transit directions to your home or office. In addition you can also get directions to a location just to navigate from a smartphone using Google Maps.

The new changes are also presented for those who use Google Maps on the iPhone. Previously you had to open three separate pages to find the estimated time of arrival at the location by walking, driving or using public transport. With this update ETA for three methods of navigation is available on one page at the same time.

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