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There are several factors behind the success of Xiaomi smartphones, one of them is a beautiful and attractive user interface called MIUI. Not without reason MIUI favored by many people. The UI was designed from hundreds of people skilled in the art based on direct feedback from the users. Thanks to MIUI, Xiaomi smartphone become very popular because the interface is nice and easy to be customized.

In August, Xiaomi has officially released MIUI 7. However, the operating system updates are limited in India. Well, in the near future, Chinese company would send MIUI 7 globally.

In its official blog, Xiaomi said that during the two months, it has been tested and optimized. They are now ready to issue a final version on 27 October 2015.

“We are very pleased to announce stable version of MIUI 7 that can be enjoyed by users worldwide. Yours by Design. Get ready to update it,” said the Xiaomi as quoted by NDTV on Wednesday (10/21/2015).

The Mi 4i, Mi 3, Mi 4, Redmi 2, Redmi Note, Redmi Note 4G and Redmi 1S users will receive this update via over-the-air (OTA). Or you can also download via the flash ROM MIUI page.

MIUI 7 is a special ROM

Xiaomi reveals if MIUI 7 is special ROM designed by 750 members of the Research and Development team of Xiaomi. The new MIUI look very colorful and different from each other.

MIUI 7 has the more great performance. The display menus are not much different than the MIUI 6. However, MIUI 7 has better responsiveness because it is lighter and more battery efficient.

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The Advantage of MIUI 7

Talk about advantage of MIUI 7, Xiaomi claims the new mobile operating system is more battery efficient up to 10%. The performance of the system was 30% faster than the previous generation.

New Features in MIUI 7

There are also thousands of theme options that can be installed for free on devices with MIUI 7. It also offers new options for the home screen, you can use the lock screen with animated weather that can change according to weather forecasts.

Now in MIUI 7 there are 3 new themes, namely the High Life, Pink Blush and Ocean Breeze. In addition, MIUI 7 also presents the option to change the font size to XXL, adding new animations on the lock screen, saving the data consumption thanks to the collaboration with Opera.

Interestingly, MIUI 7 lets users play simple games directly on the lock screen. An example is the Superman game avoid ‘Kryptonite’ the green crystals.

Another mainstay feature is Showtime. Not only displays the name and phone number, or a static profile photo, MIUI Showtime allows users to insert a short video and played automatically.

There is also a Child mode that allows the user selects an application that can not be accessed by child. Not to forget, there is an increase in the gallery by pinning face recognition feature.

So Interesting, do not forget to check the notification in the application ‘Updater’ on your Xiaomi smartphone, next week.

MIUI 7 22222

Here’s a complete list of Xiaomi device that will get MIUI 7:

· Redmi Note 2
· Mi 4c
· Mi 4
· Mi Note
· Mi Pad
· Mi Note Pro
· Mi Redmi 2
· Mi 4i
· Mi Redmi Note
· Mi 3
· Mi Redmi 1S
· Mi Redmi 1
· Mi 2 / 2S

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Advantage of MIUI 7complete list of Xiaomi device that will get MIUI 7MIUI 7New Features in MIUI 7xiaomi

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