YouTube Add New Features For Android Application

new feature youtube for android
new feature youtube for android

YouTube has announced two new features for Android applications. The new application supports VR (Virtual Reality) video capabilities. What is Virtual Reality? It is a format that gives the audience a 360 degree perspective of the film become more realistic experience. To be able enjoy VR (Virtual Reality) video facility, you can find virtual reality video on YouTube application. Then, click on the video button for VR (mode) options. Once, users have finished moving video mode, the phone needs to be placed on a device called “Cardboard”. Cardboard is a gadget hand that are made from standard materials that are able to provide to the user VR mode experience. You can enjoy the picture quality more real.

YouTube said, now, there is about a dozen number of VR video, for example, is the “Hunger Games” movie. So, from this moment content creators can upload VR videos already. Virtual reality works that match the viewer on YouTube.

YouTube also announced a second new feature, which you already can see the extensive video library with virtual reality experience that is more limited, which also use Cardboard. According to YouTube, the videos will resemble to IMAX theaters screen. Cardboard YouTube app technology is already available for Android, while the technology Cardboard for the iOS version will be released soon.

Neil Schneider as executive director of the Immersive VR Technology Alliance, noting that YouTube has introduced 3D video quality in 2009. There was also an early adoption of high-definition video (HD).” Not surprisingly if they took the corner of the addition of virtual reality,” Jay Iorio said so. “The equipment I have now is very likely to possess people through their phone in the next few years,” Jay Iorio add captions.

Jay Iorio pleaded not surprised to see the VR recording capabilities on your smartphone. Jay Iorio is a member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), which creates films for Cardboard and Oculus Rift belong to Facebook. Obviously that Jay Iorio is representative of Facebook as a competitor to YouTube. Oculus Rift Facebook artificial will soon be released with a predicted price of between the US $ 300 to the US $ 350, while the price of Cardboard the US $ 5 to the US $ 50.

How is your opinion about the new features on YouTube? Are you interested in enjoying VR video quality and also with the wider video library?

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