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Huawei, officially released Rose Gold Huawei Watch a gold-plated smartwatch

Rose Gold Huawei Watch

If you are a lover of Huawei-made products then there is one word that might make you happy. This news is about smartwatch products with fancy designs made by Huawei. Let’s talk about this news.

Huawei as Chinese electronics manufacturer has officially released their latest smartwatch, not half-hearted smartwatch has just been released is gold plated with 22k levels. Smartwatch that has gold plated made by Huawei was named with Rose Gold Huawei Watch.

As reported by GSMArena Huawei said in its official statement goes something like this:

“Huawei is proud to announce the world’s first Android Wear with sapphire crystal and gold are now available for purchase.”


The Special Features owned by Rose Gold Huawei Watch:

Rose Gold Huawei Watch comes with a bandage levels of 22-carat gold coating and the stainless steel ring. Rose Gold Huawei Watch also offers two options, namely smartwatch rope, it made from stainless steel clad in 22 carat gold and alligator leather straps which also adds to the impression of elegance and luxury of the smartwatch. Of course, with an exotic bandage blend with the latest technology and classic leather style, it will make you feel comfortable when using this Rose Gold Watch.


The Price of Rose Gold Huawei Watch:

Rose Gold Huawei Watch that made by Huawei sold for the US $ 699. As for the variants with stainless steel watch strap clad in 22 carat gold, offered at a price of the US $ 799. Rose Gold Huawei Watch with alligator strap that appears to be present in limited amounts it now can be ordered in the online store of Huawei.

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What do you think about Rose Gold Watch? Are you interested in buying Rose Gold Watch? If you do not want to miss a good chance to have Rose Gold Huawei Watch, then you should immediately order this special version of Huawei Watch on the online stores before sold out.

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