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Eddy Cue Explains How to Use Apple Pay

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Apple Patented Payment via Message & Phone Calls

Although there is Apple Pay, Apple wants to have more payment options for the consumers. A recent patent registration informing that Apple wants to better utilize mobile phones as a tools of payment.

As reported by Digital Trends, Saturday (01/02/2016), this payment system will integrate Apple Pay with iMessage system. Apple seems to go a step further, by allowing users not only can pay through the message, but also phone calls, emails, even in calendar invitations.

Payment method like this, actually not something new. WeChat, a messaging service from China for example. They’ve got a function that allows the 650 million users to buy food, order a taxi, pay bills and other payments.

How does it work? the description of new patents reveals: the payment method through writing systems such as SMS. A person can send an SMS to his friend to ask him to pay a bill.

People who billed will receive a message with the ‘Make Payment’ button at the top right of the screen. From here, iOS will utilize the information in Apple Pay credit card to complete the transaction.

Although successfully make the competitors to follow in his footsteps makes mobile payment service, in fact Apple Pay is not currently familiar used.

Last December, the number of users reportedly continued to decline, and for the moment Black Friday 2015, 41% fewer people use Apple Pay than in 2014.

So by extending the payment method using a mobile phone via SMS and phone, Apple seem to expect more and more people are using the Apple service payment.

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