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Intel & New Balance Develop Smartwatch with Android Wear for Runner

Intel & New Balance Develop Smartwatch with Android Wear for Runner

New Balance, the famous shoe company that was established in 1906 continues to innovate with the new product. Last month New Balance introduces the first, 3D printed shoes. Now, the company also has confirmed plans to launch a running watch.

At CES 2016 in Las Vegas, Intel announced a partnership with New Balance shoe manufacturers to develop new smartwatch which will be made for the runners. With this smartwatch, according to the chief executive of New Balance, Rob DeMartini. It will allow runners to “focus on their training so that they can continue to improve performance.”

Digital Sport division will focus on understanding, motivate and improve the lives of athletes through the digital experience and technology wearable devices. New Balance will sneak sensor into the shoe, in order to collect data to track and analyze the performance of an athlete.

To create a digital platform for the runners, New Balance also established a new division, that is Digital Sport. This division will include wearable devices, which began with smartwatch and in the future will include embedded technology such as sensors for shoes and clothing.

The first New Balance smartwatch will run Android Wear. The company also confirmed if they are working with Intel and Google. This device will be designed to support untethered, with GPS and support music playback without smartphones.

New Balance stressed if this smartwatch designed by the runners and for the runners. A strong message for their rationale prospective customers. New Balance also has cooperated with Strava and Zepp. Strava will be the basis of a community of runners who connected, it called New Balance Run Club. While Zepp is a sensor specialist.

The scheduled of New Balance Android Smartwatch will be present in the holiday season in 2016, in other words we can only see at the end of the year.

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