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dokiWatch - Smartwatch For Kids

DokiWatch, The Most Advanced Children SmartWatch in the World

You might agree if the most wearable device for children today have many limitations in terms of functions. Mostly only offer the “tracking” feature for parents. But DokiWatch are different. It is a smartwatch with child-friendly design. It is designed for children that aged 6-12 years.

DokiWatch is a first smartwarch with 3G connectivity for children. Using 3G, the children will be able to make a voice call and video call through smartwatch, and send messages and SOS alerts to their parents or the caregivers.

DokiWatch is special smartwatch that designed for children so the parents can control the children activities. It runs on Android 4.4 operating system. The smartwatch has a 1.22-inch touch screen. In addition, this watch can be controlled by parents through a smartphone application that already installed in DokiWatch.

It can make voice calls and video calls as it comes with 3G connectivity and a camera on the front. With the GPS feature, parents can keep track of the children location when the child playing outside. DokiWatch is also equipped with SOS notification features in case of unwanted things.

In addition to making a calls, the watch can also send messages using text or voice. The children also can add unique emoticons to make more expression in communication. The children can also add new friends using Bluetooth connectivity.

Another interesting feature is dokiPet. This features encourage children to exercise by walking. Later, the children will know how many steps, how far he traveled and how many calories are burned.

If you would like to have this smartwatch, unfortunately you have to wait because it still has not been sold in the market. DokiWatch is still in the form of projects and seeking funds on the Kickstarter.

Currently Doki Technologies, the company that initiated the dokiWatch collect funds through crowdfunding site, Kickstarter. With the $ 20,000 goal. Interested in having the watch? You have to spend $ 149. While the price for retail at $ 179.

dokiWatch - Smartwatch For Kids 2

Doki Watch

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