3 Best Video Editing Apps for Android from The Roonby Team

Best Video Editing App for Android from The Roonby Team

There are many topic discussion about Android apps, now we are going to talk about the best video editing app for Android. The Android video editing app can help you to make easy edit your videos. If you want to get some video editing apps for Android, you are on the right side to keep up read this article. If you want to get some advanced editing, we highly recommended to directly import video from your Android phone to your desktop-based, then you can use the best software. If you want to get easy edit your video, then you can go trough. We will discuss the video editing app based on android device. Here is the list that we have recommended for you:

1. KineMaster Pro video editor

The most important things about KineMaster as an Android video editing app is you can get a simple way to use the app. KineMaster will provide you to get full-featured video editor with multi-layer video, but that will just work for some supported android. KineMaster will offer an unprecedented level to control over your android smartphone editing process. For educators and artists, the handwriting layers will allow you to draw directly on the video that you want to edit.

By using KineMaster, you can simply add video layers to your video project, and you can also allow you to get true “split-screen” or the “picture inside picture” effects, and etc. The current devices that get the video layers features are the devices that have Qualcomm Snapdragon 800, or 801, or 805, or 808, or 810, or Samsung Exynos 7, and Tegra K. The next supported device will be available you can read on the description in the Google Play.

You can make a unique video with KineMaster to increase the popularity of your Youtube channel. The multiple layers feature for stickers and text in the video clips. It also has some additions features just like the ability to crop video. It will give you more flexibility. Just try this one, i hope you can get some great video on your Android device. This tool is as good as Videoshow for PC – just more frequently updated and with a few more features.

2. Magisto editor video

Magisto as an editor video app just like an automated editor for everyone. You can point the Magistro at a bunch of photos and images, then you can pick a theme and the music while you have a cup of tea. What’s happen next? When you are done, then the Magistro will be done, too. You will have a highly short animated based on the content that you provided.

You can express your creativity with Magisto editor video app. Let’s make a unique movie, then tell the story using the Magisto app. There is no need for ability as an expert video editor, The Magisto magic feature will help you to get a professional result and good quality video.

The Magisto will be able to analyzes and combines your best photos and videos into a fun movie. The facial recognition ability will detects the most important people to create personalized movies that you want to share. You can choose your the movie editor style and let the Magisto as the video editor apply automatic facial recognition, video stabilization, video effects, video filters, and also smooth transitions to convert your videos and photos into great movie. To get more features from Magisto, you may need to get the paid version.

3. Adobe Premiere Clip

The Adobe Premiere Clip is a free video editor that will make you to get fast and fun to create a great quality videos. By using Premiere Clip, you get an easy way to share, or you can easy to open the video in Adobe Premiere Pro CC to get the extra polish. You can simply to choose the soundtrack while the Artfully clips feature will set your images to the beat of your music (the music that you have chosen).

You only need to drag and drop the videos and photos in the order that you want, then you can trim out the parts that you “hate”, After that you can add visual polish with the lighting adjustments, slow-mo effects and transitions. You can choose music from the stock soundtracks, or you can add your own music inside.

Well, that is all about the best editing video app for Android. However, every app comes with each own characteristic. Just improve it with the great idea on your mind, then you will get some great movies. I think that’s all the most important way of thinking to get a great quality video using video editor app on your Android device. The app is a tool to help you to realize your idea. Thank you.

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