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Be careful when take a selfie. Perhaps the gadget vendors are required to provide it when released the latest smartphone. If you do not want a selfie endless woe continuously repeated.

No doubt, selfie photo is still endemic in the world. To be famous picture on social media, it’s usually the perpetrators selfie often stylized or acting weird.

A Men from Skagit County, United States, for example. To look cool, the unknown man is photographed selfie while pointing a gun at him.

He thought, the pistol that used for property is not filled with bullets. As a result, when he pulled the trigger and try to take pictures, the bullets are shoot him, we quoted from Ubergizmo, Friday (04/03/2016).

It is not certain who the owner of the handgun. Is it really the victim property or the others.

Selfie with a gun cases led to death already frequent. But, this is the first in 2016.
In September 2015 in the United States, a young man was killed when take selfie with carrying a pistol. The pistol accidentally broke at the young man’s 19-year-old.

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