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5 Chatting Mistakes that Should be Avoided

Chatting on the social media applications is very pleasant.  But, sometimes it makes a person does not realize that the way they are doing is wrong. Although these mistake are not fatal, but the impact could make your friend feel hurt or irritated.

Do not let this unconscious mistake becomes a habit. It can worsen your relationship with your friends or other people. Here are some mistake in chats that rarely recognized and should be avoided for everyone, we quoted from Lifehack.

1. Reply to a message in a long time

5 Chatting Mistakes that Should be Avoided - reply in a long time

When you send a message, certainly you expect your friends to instantly reply to the message. It is indeed trivial, but if the message contained important message it is so important to reply soon. Reply in a long time can be harmful.

2. Too Short Reply to a message

5 Chatting Mistakes that Should be Avoided - too short reply

Many people do not realize that every message they send turned out to contain a variety of perception. For example, you reply to a message with the word ‘yes’. For your closest friends it is considered normal. However, some of your other friends may think that you are not too interested in the conversation.

Instead, if a friend sent a long text, then you as much as possible should be reply with a long text too. It is to honor your friend who sent the message.

3. Send the message without emoticons

5 Chatting Mistakes that Should be Avoided - reply without emoticons

Apparently, the inclusion of emoticons in the chat is important. It is because the messages sent while chatting it does not have the tone of voice. It make the person who receiving the message can interpret the other emoticons. Therefore, we recommend that you add an emoticon at the end of a sentence to show what kind of speech or the intent of the message.

4. Do not give a chance to reply

5 Chatting Mistakes that Should be Avoided - do not give chance to reply

Sometimes, if a person is very anxious to say something to someone else, they will continue to send chat messages without letting his friend reply to the message. It should be avoided, it wil make your friends irriated. So that your communication with others not running smoothly.

5. Write a message with a double meaning

5 Chatting Mistakes that Should be Avoided - multiple interpretations

If you chat with someone, you should use clear sentences and easily understood by everyone. Moreover, do not send messages with multiple interpretations.

Chatting Mistakes

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