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How to Locate My iPhone Without App: 2 Easy Step To Do

I have heard a popular question, how to locate my iPhone without app? Then, what do you think about this case? Okay, now we are going to talk about how to locate my iPhone without an app. Actually, you do not need Find My iPhone app to track your iPhone. That means the Find My iPhone app does not have to be installed on your “missing” iPhone. The Find My iPhone is a “cloud based service” by Apple. Thus, the app is just another way to access this service (in order to locate your iPhone). You can use an iPad or the other iPhone device to locate the missing iPhone by installing the app. Otherwise, you will only need a browser & your Apple ID.

how to locate my iphone wthout app

locate my iPhone without app

There is no need to worry someone could “turn off” Find My iPhone, disconnect your iPhone from the iCloud, or erase the iPhone data’s. As long as your iPhone have run the iOS7 or a later version your iPhone will be safe, there is a feature that called “Activation Lock.” This feature will help you to prevent anyone to do anythings that we have mention without the password of your Apple ID.

#NOTE: This method will not worked if you have not activated the “Find My iPhone.” You can find the method to activate the feature of Find My iPhone from many websites.

Okay, here is what the steps to locate my iPhone without app:

1: Login to your iCloud account & start Find My iPhone
You can go to, then you can log in by using your Apple ID. Once signed in, you will see your iCloud dashboard. You can click on the Find My iPhone icon, then you could see the interface of Find My iPhone including the map.

2: Choose your lost iPhone & then start the “tracking process”
#1: You can select your missing iPhone by click on the All Devices drop-down menu
#2: The tracking process of your iPhone will (now) start
#3: You must be able to see the location on the map if you have succeed
#4: There are two options here, activate the Lost Mode /or erase all of the data

However, this can take quite a long time, depending on several factors. You can use the “Erase Data” as the final selection, as Find My iPhone feature would no longer work after you select the option.

Whereas, if you enable the “Lost Mode” that means it will lock your iPhone with a password and displays a message of your choice along with the phone number. Thus, hopefully a good person who finds your missing iPhone will contact you to give your iPhone back. “Lost Mode” has a good ability to enable location services on your iPhone (for the case of the iPhone is turned off). Thus, you don’t need to panic because this feature will remain activated as long as your device is in “Lost Mode.”

I think, that’s all about how to locate my iPhone without app. However, you need to remember, your (lost) iPhone needs to be turned on and connected to the internet. If the data cellular of the iPhone is turned off and not connected to WiFi, you will not be able to track your (lost) iPhone using the Find My iPhone feature. The last step you can do while you are waiting and praying that the thief or someone who finds your own iPhone and connects to the Internet. Okay, please feel free to write down your question via comment. Thank you.

How to locate my iPhone without app

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