4 Best Free Calling App for iPhone: Skype, Google Hangouts, ……

Best Free Calling App for iPhone: Skype, Google Hangouts, ……

The smartphones have changed the way to use a gadget because it has lots of great features. There are two kinds of the most popular system operations for the smartphone, first the Android and iOS, and may the Ubuntu is being popular, soonly. Now, we are only going to talk about the free calling App for iPhone, then let’s ignore the others.

The iPhone with a good internet connection will help you to get free alternatives call feature (voice&video calls). Here, we have listed 4 best free calling app for iPhone that allows you to make a direct call for free with an internet connection. Okay, just enjoy these free calling app for iPhone!

free calling app for iphone
Skype is one of the most popular (oldest, too) apps that allows you to make voice & video calls by using internet connection. This app uses the technology of Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) to facilitate voice and video calls. You can download this app for free, then you can make free calls (audio and video calls) to people who already have Skype on their iPhone and even the Desktop version. Well, the VoIP is something that helps users make phone calls through the Skype platform for free. The users who are already registered can call each other for free via their Skype account. Of course, you need a microphone and (the camera for video call) along with some other hardware on the Desktop to make a call. Skype also provides a “low- cost” texting and calling to mobiles or landlines. The unique feature of the Skype is the ability to make a group video calls. Finally, you can download the Skype for iPhone from the App Store.

Google has changed Google Talk communications services for Hangouts. So, Hangouts is a universal app for users of Gmail, Google+, Android, and iOS. By using Google Hangouts, now you can perform video and audio calls, send text messages, share files, real-time video streaming and many other features that you will get from this app. You can talk to some people (up to 10) simultaneously while drawing together during the call will be stored in a private Google+ album. Thus, you will find it easier to access in the future. Finally, Google Hangout may be the only competitor in the event Skype video calls. Thus, moreover are you waiting for? You can download this app for the iPhone through the App Store.

If you are an iOS user, then you will not feel strange with Apple Facetime. Well, this is the default video calling app for iOS users. With Apple’s Facetime, you can communicate with anyone who has the Apple devices ranging from iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Mac. Thanks for the new features in iOS 9+ (the Continuity), you can start a video call on one device, then continue it on both your Apple gadgets without interruption. Remember, you can always call recording iPhone by using this application.

Facebook Messenger is an application call (audio and video) free for iPhone that can help the iPhone users to make video calls or audio anywhere. The Messenger app is very easy to use, if you want to start a video call, you can tap a contact from the list of applications Messenger, then press the video button and enjoy your call. By using this application, of course, you can make video calls to anyone on the Facebook network. You can get all of the calls for free, but you must pay the (internet) data. Unfortunately, The Facebook Messenger does not have the group video calls feature, (unlike the Skype or Google Hangouts). So, if you need a group chat calls, you can choose the Skype or Google Hangouts.

Okay, that’s all about the best free calling app for iPhone. However, every calling app for the iPhone come with their own characteristic. So, just feel free to get one the best calling app for your iPhone. If there is something to ask, you can write down via comment. Thank you.

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