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How to Save The Entire Snapchat Stories to The Smartphone


Snapchat is fun to play. You often use this application maybe certainly interested in the method of ‘once video seen’ then later disappeared and it is no longer accessible. Yes, it is SnapChat capabilities that distinguish it from other applications. However, it is not impossible if one time you still want to look back at a video messages that you have received. How to do this?

Snapchat provides features 1×24 hours to be able to access your video messages directly from the application. But what if you want to re-access the entire message of videos you create more than 24 hours ago?

In fact, you will not lose the whole your Snapchat Stories. You can even access entirely with ease. It could all come true if you use SnapMemories. This application is capable of downloading the entire Snapchat Stories, and then wrap it into a file and sent to you each month via email. It is easy.

To use SnapMemories, please visit the official website ( then sign up using the SnapChat ID and your email.

Afterwards SnapMemories party will verify the new registration. Then add “mysnapchatmemories0” on SnapChat  account to give permission for SnapMemories in order to access and store your stories.

That’s all you need to do. Later at the beginning of each month SnapMemories services will send an email to you that containing a link to download SnapChat Stories from the previous month. Interested to try?

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