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4 Cool Games You Should Try on March 2016

Tired of the old games on your iPad or iPhone? Maybe you could put up some new games on your phone. Maybe the new one will be more fun than your old games.

In this week, there are some great new games that you can play. Some new games has been released in the App Store. Do not miss it, we try to provide the four games that have been released in the App Store for free that you should try in your iPhone and iPad devices.

1. Clash of Royale

If you are a fan of Clash of Clans, the Clash Royale is a must have games. Many expert predicted Clash of Royale become great like Clash of Clans games. Made by the same developer, some of the characters in this games are like the characters in Clash of Clans.
In the game, you need to prepare a strategy that is ripe for a fight in real-time with other players. This game is guaranteed fun for you to play along with your friends. Clash of Royale can be downloaded here.

2. Road to Be King

This funny games can play for free and easy to install through the App Store. Road to be King is an easy games. The game play is also easy to understand.
In the game, you are asked to collect points during your adventures, killing monsters and avoid confronting tools. You can play this games on the iPhone and iOS. You can be downloaded here.

3. Brick Page

In this game, you have to fill in the blanks bricks on the screen by directing brick and shoot via a touch screen on your device.
At first glance this game is quite easy, but believe me when you play the higher level, the faster bricks also walking toward you. This addictive games can play on the iPhone and iPad. You can be downloaded here.

4. Push the Arrow

Although this game looks simple, but it has a tremendous difficulty. In the game, you just need to avoid barriers that block the arrows by pushing the arrows do not hit the bulkhead wall.
It takes skill and speed to avoid obstacles. Well, you can try and download the game via App Store.

Well, some of these games are ready to take you to the new adventures. Share your experience if you have already play some exciting games earlier in the comments field below.

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