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Samsung Galaxy S7 Problems and How to Solve It

Samsung Galaxy S7 has been launched with many attractive features. Samsung embed various technologies that make this smartphone has faster performance, robust and superb camera. However, some users who already have a Samsung Galaxy S7 did some problems.

As we cited from DigitalTrends (03.19.2016), the people at the Samsung forum often reported some problems on Galaxy S7. Although the problem is not too serious, the users often feel annoyed, of course the problem should not appear on the latest smartphones.

Well, if you also feel some problems on Samsung Galaxy S7, you should read the article below and find a way to solve it.

1. Samsung Galaxy S7 Problem – Camera error

Samsung Galaxy S7 Problems and How to Solve It - camera error

Some users experienced difficulty in opening the camera app. They found the camera app stays black then crashes with the error message “Warning, Camera failed”.

How to solve:
Turn off the smartphone and then turn it on again. Go to Settings> Applications> Application manager and find the camera app. After that, select Storage> Clear cache and Clear data.

2. Samsung Galaxy S7 Problem – can not connect to Wi-Fi

Samsung Galaxy S7 Problems and How to Solve It - WiFi problem

Most users of the Samsung Galaxy S7 can not connect to Wi-Fi or often disconnected.

How to solve:
Problems in the Wi-Fi usually connected to Bluetooth. Therefore, try turning off Bluetooth and try connecting to the Wi-Fi again. Turn off Wi-Fi connection and restart the smartphone. Once lit, go to Settings> Wi-Fi> Wi-Fi network search and select Forget network. Then, try to re-connect your Wi-Fi connection.

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3. Samsung Galaxy S7 Problem – feels slow when going on.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Problems and How to Solve It - feel slow when going on

Some users complained their smartphone feels a bit slow when going on. According to them, sometimes such problems arise when going to turn on the screen by pressing the home button.

How to solve:
Quite simply, you just turn off the smartphone Samsung Galaxy S7 and turn it on again.
Try removing the microSD S7. If the smartphone is noticeably faster when lit, it is because of microSD. Some users feel the use of microSD (not the original) have an impact on the speed of the display when going on.
If it still feels slow, you can perform a factory reset on the smartphone. The trick, go to Settings> Backup and reset> Factory data reset.

4. Samsung Galaxy S7 Problem – The power button and volume down does not work

Samsung Galaxy S7 Problems and How to Solve It - the power and volume error

Some owners get a bug where the power button and the volume down does not work. They have tried to press both buttons and still not be able to function.

How to solve:
Try to press the power button and volume down simultaneously for a few seconds until the Galaxy S7 restart. Possible problems such as third-party applications. You can fix this by performing a factory reset. The trick, go to Settings> Factory Data Reset. (Without backup)

5. Samsung Galaxy S7 Problem – Battery quickly exhausted

Samsung Galaxy S7 Problems and How to Solve It - battery quicly exhausted

Too much install several applications make the battery drained quickly. It was fair because smartphones do a lot of activities. However, if this continues constantly and make the Samsung Galaxy S7 batteries run out quickly, it means your smartphone got a problem.

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How to solve:
1. Turning off all the features that have the potential to drain the battery, such as GPS, Bluetooth, NFC, and others.
Go to Settings> Display, and then turn on the feature Always on display.
2. Reducing the brightness.
3. Using the power saving mode in the Settings section.
4. Turn off applications that drain the battery too much. The trick, go to Settings> Battery> Battery usage.
5. If your battery remains drained so fast, you can back up all data on the phone and remove the microSD. Then, go to Settings> Backup and reset> Factory data is reset.

Above are Samsung Galaxy S7 problems and a way to solve the problem. You must follow the first way to solve the problem, before performing a factory reset. Reset data feature is the option if other solution can not solve the problem.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Problem

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