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You see, this day we got to many developer who got something crazy or creative idea in their head. It result into some useful or worthless kind of invention. Well, i can’t really say much because i personally have never used this technology and we are here to just review the technology by just seeing. I am sorry in advanced if somebody got offended, but this is just our opinion  on the technology itself so feel free to comment what you think about some of this invention. do you agree or not.


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Sensibo is a small IR-compatible blaster that also connects to an app on your smartphone, which can not only remotely control the settings of your unit, but also automate your home climate control with intelligent features, including location-based activation, timer settings and a learning algorithm that the company claims can save you up to 40 percent on your home heating and cooling bills over time, and which learns your habits and cooling and heating schedules based on your behavior over time.

Review : You see, i don’t get this app. So you need to connect your app to your smart phone and use it to turn on the AC? While it is true that using this technology is practical. What’s wrong with using a remote AC controller to turn on your AC rather than buying this thing. If you want it to feel cooler lower the temperature. If you want to feel warm turn up the temperature. just with a single click.

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The revolutionary remote with hand recognition  and insanely simple setup for your smart home. Control your TV, lighting, heating and more with NEEO. Neeo is compatible with all major AV products from the last 10 years and works with all the cool new devices on the market.
Review : I guess this is a cool app, that let you control everything with the NEEO remote and it also have an alarm which let’s you know where your remote is if you lost it. It is definitely an amazing idea in my opinion, but don’t iPhone has the app for that? I think it is called “simple control”. It is paid too, and it works fine based on the review. It is updated and even has the apple watch support. So i don’t know what to say for this technology anymore.
Portal  by Arubixs

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Arubixs was born out of frustration from a mobile industry whose designs became boringly stagnant, repetitive, lacking innovation and out of the box design. In mid 2014, the first renditions of the Arubixs Portal prototype smartphone were scrapped together using parts from various other phones, meshing the best components available together to create a phone that was durable, ergonomic, and just simply different in the coolest ways possible.

Since then, the concept of a revolutionary, mold breaking new phone has amazed the technology community and helped the Arubixs team magnetically attract some of the worlds most top talent. Today, Arubixs has partnered with some major players and Fortune 50 companies of the mobile empire and is on track to deliver one of the most advanced mobile devices the world has ever seen.

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Review : This is basically a smart phone that some people need. We tend to forgot to take out our phone while doing some activity and that may or may not accidentally broke the phone by having this phone we can prevent that.

NeeoPortal by ArubixsSensibo
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