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Harvest Moon like Game: Stardew Valley

You might have try an old school game like harvest moon. I think it is one of the best game in  the world. One of the most fun game of all time. It could be played by everyone age.

If you play it again, again and again for over and over, surely you might be very bored with it. Do you know other game like harvest moon ? (you could farm, talk, get married, and raise a farm). We are here to give you another type of harvest moon game like, with some new feature, the “STARDEW VALLEY”

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Stardew valley is the newest harvest moon like game. It was already out this year. It is a new type of harvest moon game with new feature. It including building your own farm from the start, cutting trees which in harvest moon is impossible. Adventuring in the game while mining and many more. Don’t forget with some of the best feature on harvest moon, marrying other’s even, bachelor or bachelorette still available.

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Either way, you start as a guy/girl who is bored with your routine. Remembered that you got an inheritance of a farm from your grandfathers.

Anyway, the character took its chances and then leave his job to go and play with the farm, well not play, work. You will start of with the basic tool like watering can, hoe, sickle, axe, hammer.

The first task is talking to others which could be completed by talking to all villager. This game apart from all  of the harvest moon feature. This game give extra feature that i have mention above like questing, adventuring, gay marriage, and many more.

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You  could download this app in the steam store. You also could surf on the web. There are many free stuff on the internet.

Harvest Moon like GameStardew Valley
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