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Snapchat VS Instagram: The Newest Update on Instagram

Now, everyone is a social media addict. Where you couldn’t get enough of updating your status and timeline to make your life looks amazing to others. Chances are you might have the 2 app, Instagram and Snapchat. This 2 app is an amazing app.

Instagram is the place where you ¬†could share the picture and video. Snapchat has the same functionality but has some differences, in the picture posted will be automatically deleted in 24 hours which is why it is often use for “something”.

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Both have been an amazing social media which is downloaded for over 100 millions user on the world. Both app never contradicted with each other, but that changes with the newest update of the instagram. The newest feature of the instagram  update is the ability to add story like Snapchat. This is why maybe a lot of people might be leaving snapchat to instagram, although Snapchat won with its filter. It is just the matter of time to the Instagram team to add the same thing.

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